Tired of waiting for dial-up internet service?

Canít get DSL or Cable service where you live?

Trying to decide whether to invest in a satellite system?

Having problems with your existing internet service or computer?


Then call the Wireless Wiz and find out if I can help.

Iím a rural resident with similar challenges.

Better yet, I've found some clever solutions to these painful problems.

These solutions are both faster and less expensive than satellite.

(Availability & performance may vary depending on location and terrain)


The story of the Wireless Wiz


In 2006 I retired from the corporate grind to enjoy our lovely valley and consult part time.

I had survived with dial-up for 7 years but it was becoming very painful.

I tried satellite for six months but it was only marginally better.

Then one evening I glanced to the left in my driveway and saw the lights on a TV tower 8 miles away.

I knew that there was an internet provider on the tower, but I did not realize I could see the tower until then.


After signing up, several neighbors asked if I could share the service since they could not see the tower

(the underlying service is also expensive). After much research and tinkering, I found that I could extend internet

access to neighbors using modified routers and antennas. Thus began Wilderness Wireless.


In 2008, I enhanced the network to include a backup link so that an outage would not stop the service.

This was upgraded in 2009 to incorporate T-1 services, which are very reliable and are available almost anywhere.

This community project now supports over 50 homes near Santa Cruz, CA. and has enhanced the lives of investors,

small business owners, car builders, surfers, artists, photographers, architects, authors, screen writers, and more.


In 2009, I started working with other rural communities to establish similar services.

I'd love to talk with you about your experiences with the internet, and see if I can help you too!


Craig AKA The Wireless Wiz


Services provided by Wilderness Wireless